The First Foray

To me, there are already a few good things about 2012. The first was going to a six-day training in Anaheim, California, on the book of Psalms last week. More on that to come.

The second is this, my first post on this blog.
Though it’s already mid-January – I know I’m a bit slow – I’m finally ready to let go of 2011 and look ahead to the new year. A new year is an opportunity. You get less than a hundred in your lifetime. Many have said 2012 will be a pivotal year. I agree. I’d like to take this year to publish my first post, to upload my first picture, to post my first video. Among the millions of voices out there, I’d like to say my first word.

So here’s to the plunge off the high-dive. Here’s to the lighting of the fuse. Here’s to the the first post, freshly pressed.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned.


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