A Canyon Carved

I had the chance last Saturday to visit the tourist spot Canyon Gorge for a day hike away from Austin. Eleven years ago it was the site of a flood of thousands of cubic feet per minute of rushing water that tore up and washed away everything in its path. Enough water rushed through the gorge to fill Ladybird Lake (for you Austinites) 75 times. Trees and boulders were  tossed and carried like twigs and pebbles. I was  reminded of my visit to Sendai, Japan after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami where I saw first-hand what a wall of water makes of a city.
Tossed boulders and bare rock are all that remain after the equivalent of 75 times the amount of water in Town Lake rushed over this spot in 2002.
Tossed boulders and bare rock from the massive flood of 2002.
No wonder Noah escaped alone with his family in the ark. Nothing is untouched by a flood. The ark in Genesis preserved life on earth and saved godly Noah by separating him to God and a new age. The namesake of this blog is that very life-preserver, which is a type of Christ and the church.
Water was the medium through which the saving was accomplished. The ark saved Noah and his family from God’s judgment, the destruction of the world by the flood. But the water saved them from the corrupted generation and separated them unto a new age, just as the water of the Red Sea did for the children of Israel (Exo. 14:22, 29; 1 Cor. 10:1-2) and the water of baptism for the New Testament believers (v. 21). -1 Pet 3:20, footnote 3, Recovery Version of the Bible
The gorge left by the flood of 2002 is an impressive, local reminder of the judgment of a flood upon dry land. It has been 11 years since and the spot is federally owned and only accessible by guided tour, but what remains still testifies to the power of water and the tenacity of life to rise again, a theme I mentioned in a recent post on fire bringing forth new growth.

3 thoughts on “A Canyon Carved

  1. Impressive! Even landmarks, natural calamities, physical and external things can remind us of the past, present, and imminent judgement of God upon the earth. For Him it is so easy to bring it in, and all our comfortable situation is being disrupted in a blink of the eye!

    What a reminder to live in the light of His presence and in the reminder of His judgement seat today, that we may be counted worthy by Him!

  2. I agree. I was reminded of 2 Pet 3:11 “Since all these things are to be thus dissolved, what kind of persons ought you to be in holy manner of life and godliness…”

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