Overflowing Goodness

A snippet: 

In coordination this morning someone prayed, “Lord, You have given us so many things to be joyful about!”, which was followed by the song “I’ve got something to sing about, sing about, sing about…I love The Lord!”

In my heart there’s often a business-like regard for Christ, exchanging His forgiveness for my confession, then I’m off. It’s almost like going to the Lord as an ATM. Yet what amazes me is that seeing how short I am of returning His love, He does not reproach but is meek, even spookily silent and cooperative for years. How His patience endures and His love covers! This morning I touched overflowing goodness – goodness that even though I discount myself yet still I cannot help but receive, like the salt air of the sea reaches the vacationer on his way to the beach.

John 1:16 “For of His fullness we have all received and grace upon grace”. 


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