Mercy, Not Sacrifice

First of all, it’s been awhile. To all my readers, let me say hello again.

Sometimes I get stuck in perfectionism. I want to do everything assigned to me and do it right. I don’t want to leave any t uncrossed or i undotted. I want to finish all the work that was given me to do.

But today, as it sometimes happens, I didn’t finish all the work. Now, I didn’t completely blow it off. I was thinking of my work and attempted to finish it. But only 7/8 of it got done.

There’s a proverb that says the horse is prepared for battle, but Jehovah decides the victor.

It makes for a self-condemning mood when the battle is fought and lost. So I was perhaps sulking a bit when this verse came up in me:

But go and learn what this means, “I desire mercy and not sacrifice”

Jesus has a way of lifting the pressure.

He cheered me up and I think it’s awesome that to Him, it’s not about perfectionism to the point of self-sacrifice for God. We have a tendency to legalize our service to God. But He is simply a living person. He would rather see mercy granted to sinners (me) than gritting sacrifice made grudgingly for God. He would rather give to us (dispense) than receive from us (what a surprise).

He gives mercy to whomever He wants (another section in Romans I’ve been reading lately) and apparently values that mercy more during our inability than to chide us for what we lack when we work for Him. I love the Lord for His mercy.


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